Okko Chronicles: Legends of Pajan

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The Legends of Pajan expansion offers you the opportunity to develop and improve our intrepid Heroes’ abilities between each game by introducing a Campaign mode to Okko Chronicles.

As they learn and grow from each encounter or experience, you will be able to choose between 4 new types of Action card (Speed, Might, Defense or Guile) to customize the talents and techniques of your favorite Hero.

In addition, each new deck of cards will include at least one Coordination Action card, so Heroes will also have the choice of developing abilities that will benefit the entire group.

But just as this new Campaign mode adds a means of enhance our valiant adventurers, so too do the grievous injuries they suffer continue to hamper the Heroes from one game to the next. Indeed, at the end of a game, Heroes record how many Wound cards they discard:

If they discard one Wound card, they are deemed to have received enough rest by the beginning of their next adventure so as to have completely recovered from this minor injury.

If you discard two Injury cards, the Hero has suffered is considered to have suffered Grievous Wound and must draw an additional Weakness card. In general, this serious injury will never truly heal and will trouble them for the rest of their career!

If you have three Wound cards, the Hero’s part in the saga is over as they succumb to their fatal injuries and they die! A dead Hero in no longer playable while playing the game in Campaign mode.

As they accumulate new Action cards, the Heroes’ skills will grow. But beware, the larger a Hero’s hand of Action cards, the longer it will be before they can play their Weakness card to discard Damage tokens or return played Action cards to their hand.

This new game mode does not forget about the Oni player though. Not to be outdone by the meddlesome Heroes, the Oni player benefits from a choice of 8 new Evolution tokens with which to customize their agents’ Character cards and refine their treacherous tactics.

Finally this Campaign expansion also offers several new and unique cards to keep even the most skillful of veterans on their toes, by introducing 5 randomized Plot Twists to the scenarios of an ongoing campaign.

The time has come to truly record your own chronicle, and commit your Heroes to the Legends of Pajan!