Okko Chronicles: Heroes of the People

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This expansion will contain:

- 5 more Ashigaru, Ninja, Samurai and Yurei miniatures.

These additional figures will allow you to play epic-scale scenarios as our Heroes are beset by wave upon wave of the Oni’s henchmen!

- 3 Followers miniatures

Miniatures for Tikku, Eiko Bashimon and Nuuk the Nézumi replace the Follower tokens included in the Okko Chronicles Core game for these characters.

- 2 New Heroes

All the components you need for Tikku and Eiko Bashimon to join Okko’s band as a full-fledged Heroes.

- Windreaper

The miniature and all the other components required to allow this well-known heroine to join Okko and his companions.

- 10 Equipment cards

These additional items will allow our Heroes to equip themselves with the equipment of the common folk.

- 2 Bonus tiles

These double-sided terrain tiles will expand the game board. One of these new tiles is a Mission tile, which will directly pit the Heroes and the Oni against one another as they compete to achieve its two secondary goals.

- 5 Event cards and 5 Clue cards

These new cards allow you to add even more variety to the Oni player’s schemes, adding twists and elements tailored to the humble locations this expansion takes our Heroes to.

- A 5 Scenario Campaign booklet

Set over the course of five new scenarios, this campaign will set Okko and his companions on the trail of the foul creatures troubling the land outside their walls of a small, provincial castle.