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On the riverbanks of Limbo, cloaked and masked individuals patiently wait for a sign from you. At a wave of your hand, you will place them in one of the boats that are bobbing on the oddly colored water below.

Most of these figures are honest and good Souls that try to reach the eternal bliss of the Afterlands beyond. Some, however, are devious Demons that hope to get smuggled across by one of your corrupted colleagues!

So who do you trust and why? Which boat can be safely sent out?
Or maybe it's you that is working in secret with the other Demon smugglers in play...

Each round, passengers are placed facedown in one of two boats. When placed, unique Gifts are collected that will help their owner to figure out who might be trusted and which boat will score highest for their team. Finally, all players will vote on the boat that they will sent out to the Afterlands.

Passengers is a game of tactical communication, about knowing when to share information and when to remain silent. When to be honest and when to bluff in order for your team to win.