7, The Sins

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7, The Sins is a competitive card game that will put your memory, your risk evaluation skills and your moral integrity to the test. A full life–full of virtues and vices–is coming to an end and the inevitable judgment weights on your conscience.

During the game you’ll try to gain the best score possible by collecting the various types of Deadly Sins, in form of cards. The game mixes the classic rules of a set collection with an intriguing memory twist, because you can't look further in your deck after each turn. Try not to be seduced by excess, nor by complete indifference. Once in a while you should also feed the Abyss of Souls to influence the ending of the game and to gain the Stones of Forgiveness, which are really useful during the final scoring.

Bow your heads while waiting for the verdict, sinners, and face the last journey of your miserable lives.